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Nationwide Access to Top-Tier Healthcare Solutions with 5 Star Healthcare Consultants

People nationwide trust 5 Star Healthcare Consultants for top-tier healthcare solutions. Our members enjoy accessible healthcare through on-demand or scheduled visits with expert doctors across various specialties. Patients consistently report positive outcomes, highlighting the convenience, effectiveness, and value for both members and plan sponsors.

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Primary Care

Having a primary healthcare provider is key to staying healthy. They get to know you and your health history, offer regular checkups, catch issues early, and help manage any chronic conditions. It's all about having someone you can trust to guide your health journey.

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For convenient access to high-quality healthcare, countless people worldwide have connected with 5 Star Healthcare Consultants. Members can address their healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed healthcare providers across various specialties. This approach ensures convenience, positive outcomes, and value for members and plan sponsors alike. 

Therapist and Patient

Psychiatric Health Services

We offer both in-person and telehealth psychiatric services. With extensive experience in mental health and primary care, our team specializes in treating conditions like Depression, Dementia, Anxiety, weight management, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, and more. We provide psychiatric evaluations, medication management, emotional support, and interpersonal therapy. Our commitment to delivering compassionate, comprehensive mental health care is unwavering.

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Preceptorship FNP & PMHNP Students

 Interested in advancing your nursing career? Our Preceptorship programs for FNP and PMHNP students offer hands-on experience with expert guidance. Learn to integrate knowledge, develop essential skills, and gain confidence in real-world settings. Enroll today to take the next step in your professional journey.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Home APRN Services

Our Concierge Medical Services provide personalized at-home medical care, prioritizing convenience. For members navigating complex medical situations, our specialized medical services offer expert guidance. Our team of specialists carefully assesses medical records, pathologies, and test results to validate diagnoses and treatment plans. This approach gives insurers and employers confidence in achieving better health outcomes and cost savings for members.

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Weight Loss Program "Subtract the pounds"

 Explore our WeightCare Program, designed to support your weight management journey whether you prefer a dietary-focused approach or need medical intervention. Our comprehensive program includes unlimited support, diet counseling, and prescribed treatments available through a subscription. We offer a plan that fits your needs. Enroll today and take control of your health with our expert guidance.

Preceptorship FNP & PMHNP Students
Weight Loss Program
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