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Our Services

Millions of people look to us to address their healthcare needs, from the simple to the most complex — anytime, anywhere. 5 Star Healthcare Consultants, Inc.  provides an award-winning patient experience that helps people quickly resolve their healthcare needs with confidence.

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Primary Care

People who use primary care are more likely to get routine checkups and be engaged in their health, identify health issues earlier and more effectively, and better manage chronic conditions. 5 Star Healthcare Consultants delivers a Primary Care service that people love and use, enabling plan sponsors to accelerate and amplify the value of primary care.

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For convenient access to high-quality healthcare, millions of people around the world have connected with 5 Star Healthcare Consultants. Members can resolve healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed doctors spanning multiple specialties. After a visit, 92% of patients reported resolution, demonstrating convenience, outcomes, and value for members and plan sponsors alike.

Therapist and Patient

Psychiatric Health Services

Our office provide both in-person and telehealth psychiatric care. She has several years of experience treating mental health conditions and Primary Care. She specializes in Depression, Dementia, Anxiety, weight management, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Primary care and more. She conduct psychiatric evaluations, offer med medication management, emotional support and interpersonal therapy. She is very passionate about providing quality, compassionate and comprehensive mental health care.

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Preceptorship FNP & PMHNP Students

The preceptor's primary role is teaching. Preceptors assist the student to integrate and apply knowledge from their foundational courses incorporating the information in the assessment and management plan. We teach how incorporating the four preceptor roles of Instructing, Modeling, Coaching, and Facilitating throughout the student's rotation can increase their precepting confidence and success.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Home APRN Services

Our Concierge Medical Services include at-home medical care for your convenience. When members face complex medical needs, our expert medical services help them make confident decisions. Expert specialists, matched to the unique needs of each case, review medical records, pathologies, and test results to confirm the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment plans. Insurers and employers gain confidence that members are on the right path to better health outcomes and lower costs.

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Weight Loss Program "Subtract the pounds"

The journey to effective weight management has taken a new turn with the introduction of medications like tirzepatide and semaglutide. These drugs offer hope to individuals struggling with excess weight, but understanding their differences can be a bit overwhelming. We operate on a subscription basis and offer you all-inclusive care. WeightCare services including unlimited support, diet counseling, and medication are all included in the prices.There are options that include the above services but a medication prescription is sent to your pharmacy of choice, if you prefer. We assist in helping you make an informed decision about which one might be right for you.

Preceptorship FNP & PMHNP Students
Weight Loss Program
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